Eye Exam Reveals Source of Debilitating Migraines

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A local teen who was born with bleeding on his brain and then suffered with years of migraines is finally pain free. Amazingly, it was a simple eye exam that saved his life. Joey Harlan said he is relieved to be rid of a lifetime of excruciating migraines but even more grateful to be alive. As a newborn, doctors gave him only a few months to live. But he proved those doctors wrong, and he even graduated high school earlier this year. But it hasn't been easy for Harlan, who battled constant headaches. "Really … [Read more...]

Color Vision

Color perception is one of the many fascinating capabilities of our body. The human eye’s capability to take in wavelengths from all around us and initiate our perception of color is amazingly speedy and sophisticated. There are three types of cells which reside in the macula which are responsible for color analysis. They are referred to as cones. They reside in the central part of retina called the macula. These cells contain photoreceptors which are sensitive to different wavelengths of light. The output of the cones is processed in the … [Read more...]

Contact Lens Care for Better Health of Your Eyes

There are somewhere between 20 and 30 million contact lens wearers in the United States. Contact lenses are available in two main designs, rigid gas permeable (hard contact lenses) and soft contact lenses. Soft contact lenses come in a variety of designs and wear schedules, such as conventional yearly, quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly and daily wear contacts. Rigid Gas Permeable Lens (RGP) can be worn quarterly, monthly or bi-weekly, depending upon your Optometrist’s recommendation. All of these devices are in immediate proximity of the eye, … [Read more...]

Macular Degeneration

As our activities outside increase we also expose our eyes to more ultra violet (UV) rays. Ultra violet rays are not visible to our eyes but their effects can be seen all over our bodies. Sun bathing is probably the most common use of UV rays. UV rays have more energy than the light and colors that we can see. The higher energy of UV rays is attributed to their wavelength which is why they carry more punch than the visible lights; this makes UV rays a bit more harmful to our bodies. UV rays release their energy when they come in contact with … [Read more...]

Our On-Sight Lab

Nuvue Eyecare’s on sight laboratory has been upgraded with new tools to help us craft lenses in-office. The lens inventory is substantially increased to help speed production. In most cases single vision lenses with high index (much thinner and better optical quality than polycarbonate) and anti-reflective coating can be crafted the same day. All lenses are have a one year warranty and are extremely scratch resistant with the clear and sharp optical quality of 1.60 High Index material. … [Read more...]

Alternate to LASIK

[Read more...]

Allergy Season is Upon Us

Its that time of year again, flowers blooming, pollen count going up and your eyes are driving you crazy with the typical itching and watering. There are so many plants that bloom in Tennessee it is very difficult to isolate which is actually the culprit. Physiologically eyes, nose and throat are connected together, so when one is affected by an allergen typically the others adjacent tissues are also involved to some extent. Severe allergy conditions can also congest your sinuses which are all around your eyes and above your teeth. Sinus aches … [Read more...]

How Old Before Your Child’s First Eye Exam

How old does my child need to be for her/his first eye exam? As a Children's Eye Doctor, I get this question asked quite frequently. Typically, children go through vision screenings at school once a year. If they see their pediatrician they are also checked for general health of the eyes. All children have a developmental phase where the visual pathways in the brain itself become mature. The visual pathway starting with the eyes and all the way to the back of the brain (occipital lobe) need to be stimulated to force the system to develop to its … [Read more...]

Nashville’s NuVue Eyecare Announces “Animal Rescue Month”

Nashville optometrist and animal rescue supporter, Dr. David Gavami and his wife, vividly remember the evening of May 2, 2010. It was the weekend known as “Nashville’s Great Flood” and it was a night he will never forget. “Like everyone else, we weren’t expecting major flooding, and we were in denial so we had decided to stay at home with our four dogs and two cats,” explained Gavami. “It was dark outside and I hadn’t really been concerned with the river rising, but when I glanced out the back windows and saw the river at my back door … [Read more...]

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